How to Copy and Paste in Excel 2013

Today we will talk about Cut , Copy and Paste within excel workbook , for this you have to take some very simple steps, also gives you an Idea to do this by using short-key by using keyboard on the right top corner on excel there is a section name CLIPBOARD , inside clipboard you will saw CUT , COPY , FORMAT PAINTER and PASTE you will learn each individually.

Cut and Paste in Excel.

Short-key : Ctrl + X than Ctrl + V 

Moving the cell or cells object from one place to another know as CUT after this you can PASTE this object where ever you wish , but remember the original location of this object will be empty.

Note : Remember always use PASTE as a value if you saw a drop down in paste icon because we just learning here only copy , cut and paste command.

Copy and Paste in Excel.
Short-key : Ctrl + C than Ctrl + V 
Make duplicate a piece of data from a cell or combination of cell to other location but this time the original data remain on the same place  , pasting remain the same by using Ctrl + V , Excel 2013 there is a feature includes paste as a picture you can paste the copied data in the shape of picture try both thing at excel sheet you will understand easily. 

Format Painter
Short-key : Ctrl + C than Alt+E, S, T, hit Enter
This will only copying the formatting of selected cells and paste to other location ,its very simple through this you will save so much of your time to waste to create formatting again and again , including borders of cells colors of fonts size and many other things include the source formatting , it does not effect to the value of cell or any formula if present already.

Clipboard its self a temporary storage of your copied or cut items which will available to paste other location easily .

See the below picture for use of clipboard.

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