Complete Font section in Excel 2013

Styling of document involves , font type , font size , font color , etc now we discuss how you can play with fonts in excel 2013, choosing the right font give looks great to your document , we can start learning about font there is also allots of free font available we will include this later on .

Pick , Re-sizing , and choosing color for Font.

Font dd Short key : Alt, h, f, f than hit down arrow

Font size Short key : Alt, H, F, S than hit down arrow
     Quick decrease Font :  Alt, h, f, k  ( little decrease )
Quick Increase Font : Alt, h, f, g( little increase  )

Dropdown font choosing menu tells you what font you need to implement quick preview for selection is also started when you dropping down the font ,pickup choose any beautiful font you wish but first you have to select the area for implementing.

You can change the size of font by two different ways in excel , quick increase or decrease or select the number to enlarge the same picture gives you clear idea also you can download more fonts and use them to in excel you can also put font in in Urdu & Hindi keep in mind that this works only on the selection of cells with data.

Change color Short key : Alt, h, f, c

gives color scheme to your font easily , just select to which cell font you wish to color than click on dropdown and pick up from the verity of colors , you can also click on more color to create you own combination and standard color also available.

Fill Cell Color

there is some different in font color and cell color basically fill color refers to complete fill up the cell or range of cell by selected color and does not impact on font color , if any.  

Cells Borders.
Short-keys at the bottom of post.

borders gives outline to selected cell or group of cell , its help to show clearly cell values also gives some additional look to the cell value. there are many types of border you can check one by one if required otherwise this is very easy to implement border to your cell value , also there is lots of border shapes so shortkeys list for border is also too big , but you can check and pick up your favorite border and keep practicing so one day these short key on your finger tips : ).

Check out the list of borders short keys complete.
Border – Left
Border – Top
Draw Border
Alt, H, B, W
Top and Bottom Border
Alt, H, B, U
Thick Box Border
Alt, H, B, T
Applies the outline border to the selected cells.
Alt, H, B, S
Right Border
Alt, H, B, R
Top Border
Alt, H, B, P
Bottom Border
Alt, H, B, O
Removes the outline border from the selected cells.
Alt, H, B, N
More Borders
Alt, H, B, M
Left Border
Alt, H, B, L
More Border Colors
Alt, H, B, I, M
Thick Bottom Border
Alt, H, B, H
Draw Border Grid
Alt, H, B, G
Erase Border
Alt, H, B, E
Top and Bottom Border
Alt, H, B, D
Top and Thick Bottom Border.
Alt, H, B, C
Bottom Double Border
Alt, H, B, B
All Borders
Alt, H, B, A
Increases the margin between the border and the text in the cell.
Alt, H, 6
Decreases the margin between the border and the text in the cell.
Alt, H, 5
Removes the outline border from the selected cells.
Applies the outline border to the selected cells.
Paste (No borders)
Alt, H, V, B

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