Work with Number section in Excel

If you wish to set the format to your cell such as currency , percentage , date , function etc for this you must learn NUMBER section in format cell.

General : You can write anything inform of numbers or alphabetical characters in General there is no specific format apply.
Number : change your cell value in decimals in ending , you can also set thousand separator coma, and Negative numbers.
Currency : Allows you to show Currency Symbol if any you may also add more symbols from windows time and Regional settings.
Accounts : Line up the currency symbols and decimal points in a column.
Date : Different kinds of date Format you can set as your own wish and this will automatically appeared in the current year while you just wrote date , and month even it was a long format no worried you can easily set this in your sheet.
Time : Set format like 12 hours or 24 hours , am , pm hours , min , seconds etc.
Percentage : its Multiply the cell value by 100 and showing a symbol of % .
Text : Helps to remove any kind of number formatting just showing a simple text as you write and as you wish.

All About Alignment in Excel

Shuffling values with in cell boundaries called Alignment , several kind of alignment in new version of ms office 2013 some are named as Right Align , Left Align , Center , Top , Bottom etc we have learn every thing about alignment,

Also we have learn how to increase , decrease indent of content , text orientation , Wrap Text & Merge & Center ,  try to cover additional alignment in which you will learn in detail .

All Types of Alignment : 

Short-Key Top Align alt+h+a+t
Top Align : Shifted Cell Value to the top of cell border , either it was already in center or right align but when you click on top align value shifted at the top in the same direction.
Short-Key middle Align alt+h+a+m
Middle align : shifted text to the centered , in the middle of top and bottom of the cell.
Short-Key bottom Align alt+h+a+b

Bottom Align : Cell value at the bottom bottom.
 Short-Key right Align alt+h+a+r

Right Align :  shifted value to right corner.
Short-Key center Align alt+h+a+c
Center : Centered the text.
Short-Key left Align alt+h+a+l
Align Left : Align content to the left.

Wrap Text.

Short-Key wrap text ctrl+shift+w
Force the cell content to remain in the same cell is know as  WRAP TEXT.

Work with Merging.

Merge & Center:
Short-Key merge & center : alt + h+m+c.
To combining and Centered Cells content in new large cell known as Merge & Center. 

Merge Across

Short-Key merge & Across : alt + h+m+a.
Selection of Cells into one row in a large cell shape.

Merge Cells
Short-Key merge Cells: alt + h+m+m.
Selection of cells merge into one large cell. 

unMerge Cells.

Short-Key of Unmerge Cells : alt + h+m+u.

Split selected merged cell into multiple cells or say this remove the merge activity of any area.

Examples are : 
alignment in Excel