Format table is one of the most important feature in excel

Format Table has ability to instantly convert the range of Data in form of Table , many designs for table are available and allot of customization option there, tables decorates data awesome and in professional , excel formulas can also work faster in Table form the data table gives you many option while you working with in the range of cell.

Short key of Data Table is Alt, H, T

Selection of Table with Light , Medium & Dark are three default styles in Format Table .

selection of table is very easy just select the range of cell where you wish to set table and click on style, all done !
its your decision either you choosing light color pattern or go with medium or dark excel also gives you an option to create your own style in which you can change font style , table colors , borders , and much more another thing is pivot table style that is help you to styling set as pivot table option.

Remember : light colors are better if you have printed hard copy. 

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