Introduction and benefits of Microsoft Excel

Before we start learning process , I suggest to carefully read this complete post with good understanding , after this you will feel that you can catch every step in learning process very easily, these basic things will be very useful till you are involved in learning process. Just keep remember the things.

What is Microsoft Excel and what are the basic features.

Microsoft Excel is part of Microsoft Office Suits , this was early released in several version , latest MS Excel known as Office 16. features includes Power Query integration , New Chart Types, Excel forecasting functions, Excel data cards and many more.

Quick Review of Excel benefits and outputs.

  • Users able to organize , format and calculate data in minimum time.
  • Can create graphical representation.
  • analyzed data very quickly and easily.
  • summarized records simply.
  • reconciled data with other sheets.

How Microsoft Excel helps in Profession.

Microsoft Excel is almost the need of every industry around the globe tracking records , analyzing data ,  helps allot to concise your spreadsheet work , Generating Reports from gigantic data , filtering the part of mega records , also you will become a free lancer after get expertise in MS Excel.

Understanding each and every thing.

I try my level best to gives you maximum descriptive information with the help of video tutorial and via images. also , I design my blog like an Excel Work Book that gives you resemblance of Excel Workbook.

What we learn at this platform.

Key Information about Excel Workbook , work with excel formulas , how to get rid day to day excel Queries , header Ribbon Customization as desired , provides detail video tutorials for Excel in Urdu , Hindi  & English , response to your queries and happy to solve them this will be useful for me as well this increase my knowledge also.  

Sharing is Caring.

don't hesitate to share this with someone else maybe they need this and if your relatives , friends children requires in academic point of view , professional aspects , your friends might think to learn ms office but unable to afford , the information on this blog is absolutely free not any single penny will charge.

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