higlighting cells to figure out data movement !

Highlight Cells Rules in Conditional Formatting Excel 2016

Conditional formatting is apply to spot trends and pattern in data by using beautiful bars , colors , Icon that are visually  indicating the important factors.

Conditional Formatting (alt+h+l)

Highlighted Cells Rules.( alt+h+l+h)

Short-key Greater Than :(alt+ h+ l+ h+ g)

Greater Than : (alt+ h+ l+h+l)
it tells you what are the other greater number from 41 or your defined value.

Less Than : (alt+ h+ l+ h+b)

Refers less than value which you have apply like 34 and below see the picture.

Between : (alt+ h+ l+h+b)
gives you accurate number which are between the range of value you have define like between 22 - 61 in the picture.

Equal to : (alt+ h+ l+h+e)
Formats cells that are Equal to this similar to find something in a sheet by using control find.

Text that contains :(alt+ h+ l+h+t)
Formats cells that contains Text, this only work to find alphabates not numbers

A Date Occurring : (alt+ h+ l+h+a)
Easily search record occurring by date of period, like filtered yesterday , last week , next month but this will only apply on date format.

Duplicate Values : (alt+ h+ l+h+v)

finding the duplicates by highlighting them in any specific sheet area of Excel 

 More rules will be describing you soon

Above all the related terms under the menu of conditional formatting > highlighting cells also see the whole section of top bottom rules, data bars, color scheme etc.  


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