Must Understand if you wish to be an expert in excel quickly

Before we getting start  Learning Excel , I wish you must aware these very basics of excel terms after this you will easily understand quickly , and you could even practicing more and more not understanding the basics terms gets you trouble while learning, I personally advice to please look and read complete article and if any thing you didint understand  pass comment below so we will help you out.
when we click excel icon blank Excel workbook appeared also called Spread sheet or an Excel Workbook, Excel workbook able to contains lots of individual sheets as much as you want but by default there is only three sheet available you will insert more as desired, for small data use only one excel workbook to maintain records properly.

(1)Quick Access Tool Bar (2)Ribbon (3)Name Box & Formula Bar
way to select commands quickly can be shifted to below Name box, customizable, easily setting up with popular commands or also reshape able as your needs. Includes Home, Insert, Page layout, Formula, Data, Review, View by default, it can be customizable as per requirements in these tabs there is core excel popular tools and very helpful to work efficiently with Excel. Name box is an Identity of Single cell wherever you go on to the sheet name box represent the Identity of that cell, same as if something is written in the cell formula bar shows value also showing formulas and function which you are using.
(4)Column, Row & Cell (5)Status Bar & Insert Sheet (6)Right left corner on Excel Sheet
Cell is an individual box, represent the value we put into it for using, horizontal line on excel as shown in picture that contains heading data types normally is using row pattern in excel from left to right. Where the column is a vertical line contains serial numbers from top to bottom. Status bar located at the bottom of excel sheet it shows you major status like, caps lock on, num lock on , off, averages, selected cell sum , selected cell count but you need to enable what you wish to show on status bar maximum & minimum of column or row and many more things you just right click on status bar and check the list of verity features slight up side on status bar there is list of sheet that includes in excel work book. If you have Hotmail account you can sign-in via Microsoft office, also minimize, maximize, and close the sheet from the same section you would able to auto hide, show tabs and command to improve the visibility of your spread sheet.

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